By February 1903 the Wetaskiwin Times was reporting that the School Board was "contemplating the construction of a commodious new school edifice." The Times article goes on to state:

the present building is dilapidated and has not the conveniences required for the imparting of an up - to - date education. It was cheaply built several years ago and apparently little consideration was given to the comforts of the children as it is poorly heated and ventilated.

Wetaskiwin Times February 12, 1903

A Public Meeting was held on April 14, 1903 and the discussions were reported in the newspaper on April 16.

On April 23rd the Times reported:

The election on the school debentures last Monday was very closely contested and excitement ran high all day among the most enthusiastic. The by-law was defeated by a very small majority, the vote standing 50 against and 41 for. There are six protested votes, which, if they are thrown out, would leave a majority of only four. Therefore the ratepayers say that Wetaskiwin will not commence the erection of an $18,000 new brick school this year.

Wetaskiwin Times April 23, 1903


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