In Ernest Brown’s photo journal, he writes, " ‘The Mite’ is the smallest block in town, built by Arthur Bloomer Real Estate. ‘The Mite’ is a small ‘left over’ piece of property at what I suppose is the continuation of 97 Street, and would be the SW corner. This land right down to the river was actually sold and I have the copy of a redivision which was later by J.C.F. Bown, advocate (lawyer) for his clients, but I won’t enter into it here. Nor yet will I tell the story of J. [McDickson] who also lost his property through the sale. It is interesting and tragic."

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that Ernest Brown ever told the story, unless an intrepid researcher is willing to go through his fonds to see if they can locate it.

The Mite: "Smallest Block in Edmonton" ca. 1910, Photographer A. Frasch,
E. Brown fonds, Provincial Archives of Alberta


Provincial Archives of Alberta

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