When the Okotoks Heritage House opened its doors to the public on September 7, 2000, many local residents were curious to see how the old building had weathered the trip. They were pleasantly surprised to find that their familiar landmark had indeed survived, and in the process, had been transformed into the permanent home of the Town of Okotoks Museum & Archives

Formerly known as the Welch house, it used to stand on the corner of Elizabeth Street and South Ridge Drive. The house was saved from certain destruction by the Okotoks community when Highway 2A was widened through town that summer. From February to July, many determined people scrambled to raise the necessary funds for the move. Now resting firmly on its new foundation at 49 North Railway Street, surrounded by trees and flowerbeds, it is difficult to believe that the house had once existed elsewhere.

With a gentle peaked roof, delightful French windows, and armchair perfect porch, the house represents a fine example of early 1900s architecture. In its prime, the house must have appeared both elegant and extravagant among the humble town dwellings nearby. Three stories tall, the stairs has felt a myriad of children's feet, while the ground floor kitchen must have produced countless meals. If only the walls could speak!

Town of Okotoks Museum & Archives

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