The Calgary Tower was a joint design by architects, W.G. Milne and A. Dale and Associates. Originally called Husky Tower, and co-owned by Husky Oil Limited and Marathon Realty, the tower was built on the former site of Canadian Pacific Railway Station. Construction began February 19, 1967 and at its completion in June 1968, it became the tallest free-standing structure in North America. At its official opening, then premier Ernest Manning stated, "There are many people you meet who you never remember because there was nothing distinctive about them. Cities are like people, but Calgary will never be forgotten by visitors because of this distinctive tower". While no longer the tallest structure in Calgary, the Calgary Tower is still a highly recognizable symbol of the city and an architectural icon.

Calgary Tower
formerly Husky Tower
Dale Chandler Kennedy fonds
Canadian Architectural Archives
University of Calgary
Accession 47A/79.3
DAL 300 (ad)


Canadian Architectural Archives

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