Winter 2004

Volume 24 Number 2


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Note from the Executive Director

Michael Gourlie

This issue of the ASA newsletter represents something of an experiment. In the absence of a regular editor, a team of archivists from a sector of the archival community has been recruited to create this edition of the newsletter. Representing archivists of faith-based organizations in Alberta, the team has produced a snapshot of its community and the issues it faces in light of limited funding and increased demand for services. In addition to the regular features of the newsletter, their articles should prove enlightening to archivists working outside this specialized field.

Despite this ecumenical focus, the coverage of this issue cannot be considered truly inclusive of all faith-based organizations in Alberta. Noted by the team itself, the absence of representation from Pentecostal, Buddhist, Islamic and many other faith-based organizations illustrates a gap in the archival community and perhaps in our province's documentary heritage. This issue of the newsletter may inspire institutions to examine their holdings or initiate outreach to these underrepresented records creators.

Reflecting their concerns and research interests, representatives from the university archives community will compile the next issue of the newsletter. If there are other groups of archivists interested in compiling an issue of the newsletter, please contact the ASA.