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Education Committee Report, 2002-2003
Submitted by Jeff Whyte, Chair

The report of the ASA Education Program Review Committee, The Archives Society of Alberta Education Program: A Blueprint for the Future, 1999-2002, recommended that:

  • Fundamental archival education be delivered in a six-day intensive "institute";
  • Special topics workshops be offered to supplement the fundamental education and provide continuing professional education opportunities to more experienced archivists; and
  • A one-day course titled "Archives Awareness" be created to highlight archival issues for museums and other organizations which are responsible for archival materials but do not have an archival program in place.

To meet these objectives, the Committee undertook the following activities in 2002-2003:

Fundamental Archival Education

The main activity in this area of the education program was the delivery of the annual Archives Institute:

Course: Archives Institute
Location: Concordia University College of Alberta, Edmonton
Dates: May 13-18, 2002
Instructors: Margery Hadley, Michael Gourlie, Michael Dawe, Raymond Frogner, Don Bourdon, Garth Clarke
Participants: 11

The ASA thanks Karen Baron of the Lutheran Historical Institute for acting as Institute host and providing the facility. The evaluations for this course were both instructive and positive. The annual schedule of the Institute permits a preliminary report on the 2003 Institute:

Course: Archives Institute
Location: University of Calgary
Dates: May 12-17, 2003
Instructors: Margery Hadley, Michael Gourlie, Doug Cass,
Don Bourdon, Garth Clarke
Participants: 9

The Committee is monitoring the decreased number of registrants in the Institute over its run, and consideration is being given to offering the Institute in alternating years.

In addition to the Institute, the ASA offered the following course in basic archival education:

Course: Archives Awareness
Location: Sylvan Lake and District Archives
Dates: November 19, 2002
Instructors: Michael Gourlie
Participants: 9

One participant from the 2002 Archives Awareness course attended the 2003 Institute, indicating that crossover can occur between the two fundamental-level offerings.

Special Topics Workshops

The ASA offered two special topics workshops in 2002-2003:

Course: Emergency and Disaster Preparedness for Cultural Institutions
Location: Legal Archives Society of Alberta, Calgary
Dates: September 20-21, 2002
Instructors: David Tremain and Deborah Stewart, Canadian Conservation Institute
Participants: 14

Course: Privacy Issues for Archival Institutions
Location: Grant MacEwan Community College, Edmonton
Dates: March 14-15, 2003
Instructors: Dr. Heather MacNeil, University of British Columbia
Participants: 23

The Education Committee was successful in its applications to the Canadian Council of Archives for assistance in providing the following Special Topics workshops in 2003-2004:

Course: Copyright Issues for Archival Institutions
Location: Calgary
Dates: October 2003
Instructors: Jean Dryden
Participants: 20 (maximum)

Course: Storage Planning for Archival Institutions
Location: Edmonton
Dates: February 2004
Instructors: Cynthia Ball / Don Bourdon
Participants: 20 (maximum)

The Education Committee is seeking committee members to assist in the planning and development of future workshops. Please contact the Chair for future information.