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Communications Committee Report
2003 Annual Report
Submitted by Kirsten Olson

The major event of the past year for the Communications Committee was Archives Week including the annual Virtual Exhibit. The theme for 2002 was Feast for the Eyes: Food in the Archives. Mellisa Lowenberg and Marlena Wyman coordinated the Virtual Exhibit and we were very pleased that 17 institutions participated. This is a record number of participants since the first virtual exhibit in 1997. Submissions were sent to Chris Heazell of the Glenbow Archives who designed the attractive and interactive exhibit.

New membership for the year 2002/2003 includes 16 Individual Members, one Institutional Member and one Associate Institutional Member. In total, the Archives Society of Alberta has 86 Individual members, 34 Institutional Members and 14 Associate Institutional Members.

Much of the Archives Week festivities for 2003 will focus on the much anticipated opening of the new Provincial Archives building. In keeping with the theme of buildings (new and old) the working title for the Virtual Exhibit, 2003 is If These Walls Could Talk: Alberta's Archives and Built Heritage.

The Communications Committee continues to work with other committees and members on public awareness and advocacy projects and anticipates new and exciting work in the coming year.