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Cain Committee Annual Report
Submitted by Janet McMaster, Chair, April 2003

The CAIN Committee had another busy and productive year. The members of the committee are: Susan Kooyman, Raymond Frogner, Michael Gourlie, and Garth Clarke (board liaison). I would like to thank them for their hard work and enthusiasm over the last year. In addition, Bill Purver (who has provided technical assistance to us) and Jon Nightingale (from The ACT Cinemage Group in Vancouver) have provided valuable assistance to the committee. I would like to acknowledge Bill and Jon and thank them both for their dedication and hard work over the past year.

In the first half of the year, the majority of our activities involved working with Jon and Bill to refine and develop the Cinemage databases. While ANA, the database of fonds level descriptions that has been in existence since 1994, was mapped over from the previous system, new processes were developed so that institutions could add new descriptions and modify their existing descriptions on-line. Public access to the fonds level database via the ASA's own servers became available as of September 1, 2002. This marked the first time since the database was created that our descriptions actually "live" in the province, on servers owned by the ASA. A repositories database was also developed over the last year, and Owner-Editors now have the ability of updating their repository information at any time.

What was particularly exciting was the launch of our new image dbase, Alberta InSight, during Archives Week in October. This is a valuable source of images relating to the province of Alberta and has been a very popular feature of the web site since its introduction. I would like to thank the seven institutional members who submitted images in time for the launch. Alberta InSight was developed with a number of standards in mind. The metadata fields are based on ISO2709 and are compatible with the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative. All of the images appearing in Alberta InSight must have an active link to a fonds level description in the ANA database.

All of the above development work was put to the test when Jon and Bill traveled to Calgary in September to provide a special training session to a small test group of users. This allowed us to test the various processes that had been developed and ensure that any "glitches" were ironed out before the training sessions for Owner-Editors begun in November. Committee members also provided valuable contributions and oversaw the development of an ASA training manual which was distributed at the training sessions. With regard to the manual, I would like to thank Sarah Lynch for her contributions, and for her diligent work in developing our list of topic terms for Alberta InSight.

Major revisions were done to the ASA's web site over the last year, and in that regard, I would like to thank our web master, Chris Heazell. The majority of these changes were completed in time for the Archives Week launch in October. Subsequent changes included the addition of a CAIN and Acknowledgements page to the web site. Stay tuned for further additions and improvements - coming soon! If you haven't checked out our web site lately, I recommend that you take a look. The URL is: http://www.archivesalberta.org/ .