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The Provincial Archives of Alberta, Fil Fraser and the AV Preservation Trust Fund
Submitted by Marlena Wyman, Provincial Archives of Alberta

The Provincial Archives of Alberta is happy to announce that a preservation assessment and initial preservation work has been completed on the Fil Fraser fonds through the financial assistance of the AV Preservation Trust Fund.

photo courtesy of Fil Fraser

Fil Fraser, filmmaker and broadcaster, among many other accomplishments, was born and educated in Montreal and began his career as a radio announcer in the 1950s in Timmins, Ontario. He moved to western Canada in 1958 and continued his work as a radio announcer. He was the program manager and senior producer of MEETA, Alberta, Canada's first on-air educational television station, which later became ACCESS-TV. Mr. Fraser was also producer/host of Newsmakers, a weekly public affairs program on ITV (Global), Edmonton. He is the former President and Chief Executive Officer of Vision TV, Toronto.

Fil Fraser served on many boards and foundations in the industry. He was a member of the Alberta Task Force on Film and the Federal Task Force on Broadcasting Policy (Caplan/Savageau). He was the Governor of the Canadian Journalism Foundation and a founding member of the Academy of Canadian Cinema. In 1974 he organized the first Alberta Film Festival, which became the AMPIA (Alberta Motion Picture Industry Association) Awards. In 1979, he founded the Banff International Television Festival, of which he is a lifetime Honorary Director. His feature films Why Shoot the Teacher, Marie Anne and The Hounds of Notre Dame, have all won awards.

In others areas of endeavor, Mr. Fraser served as Chief Commissioner for the Alberta Human Rights Commission from 1989 to 1992. He was a member of The Canadian Association of Black Journalists, the Canadian Multiculturalism Council and the Citizens' Forum on Canada's Future (Spicer Commission). Mr. Fraser was a recipient of the Alberta Achievement Award and the Order of Canada.

Fil Fraser is presently an Adjunct Professor in State and Legal Studies at Athabasca University, Alberta.

The feature films produced by Fil Fraser in the Fil Fraser fonds include:

Why Shoot the Teacher - 1976 - A story of life on the Canadian prairies during the height of the Great Depression. Based on the best-selling book by Max Braithwaite, this film is the second largest grossing film in Canadian history. Director: Silvio Narizzano
Stars: Bud Cort, Samantha Eggar

Marie-Anne - 1977 - A love story about the first white woman to come to the Canadian West, Marie-Anne Lagimodiere, the grandmother of Louis Riel. Director: Martin Walters Stars: Andree Peletier, Tantoo Martin, John Juliani Hounds of Notre Dame - 1980 - The story of Pere Athol Murray and the hockey team that he coached with his unorthodox methods in the 1940s at Notre Dame College in Saskatchewan. Director: Dale Zalen Stars: Tom Peacocke

The fonds also includes a number of short productions, as well as extensive production records for all of his films, and records regarding his work on various commissions and boards.

Doug Ferris was hired to work on this short-term project. Doug has a BFA in Film and a BA in History. He is a filmmaker who has also had archives and library experience. Doug's background in film was very useful in identifying all of the film components and condition of the films. An assessment was conducted and a report completed on the condition of the textual records, films, videos and audiotapes in the fonds. The films were all rewound onto archival film cores and then recanned into archival film cans. A list of the fonds was also entered electronically.

The AV Preservation Trust Fund was established in 2000, with the financial assistance of the Department of Canadian Heritage, the Feature Film Preservation and Access Program supports projects and activities which will promote awareness of Canada's feature film heritage.

More information about the AV Preservation Trust Fund may be found at