Summer 2002

Volume 21 Number 4


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Come on in - the water's fine !

Archivists and Archives are occasionally overwhelmed by the demands of busy lives and institutional priorities. Although there seems to be precious little time to contribute to professional matters, a glance at this issue will assure readers that, despite a proliferation of desks groaning under weight of paper work, a great deal is happening in Alberta's archival community. This issue of the ASA Newsletter is primarily annual reports, with a smattering of news. Here is a great opportunity to reflect on the ASA's recent accomplishments while considering where we, as individuals and organizations, might further the on-going and new initiatives of the Archives Society of Alberta.

You will see that your organization distributed an unprecedented range and number of grants this year while attracting new provincial funds to ensure that the responsibilities of the organization will continue to be met. The ASA provided another highly successful six-day Archives Institute as well as three special topics workshops. Advocacy work strengthened the position of the organization and public awareness projects such as Extreme Archives reached new supporters. New contractors added their expertise to the broad resources of the Executive, the Executive Director/Archives Advisor and ASA's administrative staff. Expansion of the CAIN initiative moved the ASA into a whole new level of activity and responsibility. Over the year, we noted with pride the accomplishments of individuals and member institutions, and we even welcomed new babies!

So, renew your membership and, if you are not already involved, try and commit to one ASA activity this year. Enroll in a workshop. Serve on a committee. Chair a committee! Offer to help out in some way. If you are unsure how you might assist, the members-at-large or the Executive Director/Archives Advisor will surely recommend areas that could benefit from your contributions. I guarantee you will find your involvement in the ASA personally and professionally rewarding.

Don Bourdon, Editor