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Volume 21 Number 1


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ASA Annual Report 2000-2001
President's Report
Jo-An Munn-Gafuik

Board agendas over the past year have been dominated by items relating to the Canadian Archival Information Network. We have focused a lot of energy towards acquiring the resources to build the necessary infrastructure and our efforts, as you know, have been rewarded quite handsomely with the recent grant awarded by the provincial government under the Centennial Infrastructure Grant program. This grant, which is partially matched by federal funds, has allowed us to move forward with projects that will serve the community for years to come.

In the next year, effort will be directed towards increasing our permanent resource base as well as acquiring additional centennial grants to further goals identified in the Klein-Donahue Report relating to aboriginal and community archives.

It has also become readily apparent that we are beginning to outgrow ASA's administrative infrastructure and we will need to address emerging problems relating to financial management and the workload of administrative staff over the coming months. Certainly if more money becomes available in the 2002-2003 budget year, the ASA will not be able to ignore the need for an executive director and proper office space. The trick is to fill these needs without negatively affecting core programs in the long run.

All necessary growing pains - but it has been a good year and success has been assured by the hard work of quite a few volunteers as well as the paid staff. So on behalf of the Board I would like to thank, first of all, the Committees for their hard work over the year. Archives Week was a great success thanks to the Communications Committee. (I hope everyone has a chance to go to Red Deer to see the play that was premiered at an Archives Week reception last fall.) The Education Committee is to be commended for a successful running of the Archives Institute this spring. The CAIN Committee has provided important direction to the Board and will be counted on to continue doing so over the next three years. The Grants Committee faced a difficult adjudication process last fall as an increasing number of projects compete for a limited number of dollars. Finally, the Finance Committee, which was newly formed last fall, faced a daunting task when it received the $1 million + dollar cheque earlier this year. Hopefully, their job will become more complex next year. I would also like to thank Kathryn and Michael. More and more of their daily tasks seem to fall into the "other duties as assigned" category and their willingness to dig in and get the job done has been much appreciated.

I have enjoyed the past year; I look forward to the next.