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Summer 1999    Volume 19 Number 1

Cain Enabled:
Revelling In Revelstoke

The Joint ASA/AABC Conference, held in Revelstoke April 15 - 17, was a packed 72 hours of activities and workshops in Revelstoke, BC, and 20 hours on the bus. The bus ride was a mobile collage of conversation, food, movie viewing, reading, sleeping, and sight-seeing, all of which bore a vague similarity to a family vacation, except no-one got car-sick.

Workshops offered included such diverse topics as CAIN (of course), Aboriginal Archives (a hot topic right now), Grant Writing (essential to survival) and Copyright (new Act - new frustrations). Your correspondent attended the Copyright Workshop delivered by Jean Dryden, who guided us smoothly through the intricacies of the new Copyright Act. This was the only two-day workshop on the program, which prevented your correspondent from enjoying the Hot Springs, the dam, the beautiful mountain scenery and other delights in which other attendees reveled. However, your correspondent stayed at one of the non-leaking hotels with hot water, so she didn't mind so much.

However, intellectual endeavors were well balanced with social activities, and the community of Revelstoke treated the archivists royally. Receptions at both the Revelstoke Museum and Archives and the Revelstoke Railway Museum gave attendees a chance to meet and mingle in these two beautiful facilities. It became obvious that the people of Revelstoke value history. A delicious banquet, complete with Dolly Madison singing and sitting on laps, and a farewell lunch after the Annual General Meetings completed the conference.

This gathering of archivists from both Alberta and BC was useful not only for the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge, but also for the inevitable comparison of situations and experiences, which helps to bring us all closer together as a profession.

Marlena Wyman
Senior Audio-Visual Archivist
Provincial Archives of Alberta

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