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archives society of alberta
March 1997    Volume 16 Number 4


by Lynette Walton
ASA Secretary

The successful second annual ASA Joint Planning Meeting was held at the University of Alberta Book And Record Depository (BARD) in Edmonton on Saturday, February 8. This day long session was an opportunity for all of the various ASA committees, task forces, staff and executive liaisons to get together and let everyone know what they had been doing over the past year and to revise and make plans for the coming year. It was also a chance to see how each committee's work plan could have an impact on other work plans, to resolve any conflicts in person, and to facilitate working together.

The turnout for this event was excellent with representatives present from all of the various committees - Education, Membership, Newsletter and Public Awareness & Advocacy - and the task forces - Archives Network of Alberta (ANA) and Vision 2000. Of course some people wear more than one hat, but altogether 17 people participated.

At the end of the session, the comments confirmed that everyone thought this was a very fruitful and worthwhile exercise, and that it should continue to be an annual event.