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archives society of alberta
March 1997    Volume 16 Number 4


condensed from Inmagic NewsFlash, February 1997
submitted by Susan Kooyman for the ANA Task Force

Of the many database management systems available, one that has found favour with many Alberta archives is Inmagic, produced by Inmagic, Inc., of Woburn, Massachusetts.

Inmagic recently announced that, effective immediately, it will permit individuals and institutions to download one-user versions of Inmagic DOS products free of charge. This includes both Inmagic Plus and SearchMagic Plus. For further details, go to the Inmagic Web site at and look under Products.

Inmagic has decided to no longer sell its DOS products, effective immediately. This decision came after a sharp decline in DOS product sales following the release of Inmagic Windows products. At the same time, it was felt that many users of DOS products may wish to have additional products. While they last, Inmagic DOS user manuals will be available for a nominal fee.

One nice result of this decision is that it brings significant benefit to a number of groups. Non-profits, organizations in developing countries, small libraries, or anyone else with a small budget -- groups that typically have a tough time purchasing software -- can now freely obtain and use products that until now have been out of reach.

Susan Kooyman will be happy to provide the Archives Network of Alberta (ANA) database structures and formats to any institution taking advantage of this offer. She may be contacted at 403-268-4227.