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archives society of alberta
March 1997    Volume 16 Number 4


Recently, the ASA has taken delivery of its second display "Archives Managing Your Documentary Heritage". This display, like "Alberta's Archival Community" was developed by Interpret Design Ltd. of Edmonton. The new display deals with the value and importance of preserving our archival records, defines archives as material and place and archival works and highlights the professional qualifications needed for the archival enterprise. Our first display deals with the programs and activities of the Society.

These displays will be used in promoting:

  • an understanding of archives and archival work
  • the creation of new archival programs
  • membership in the Society

The displays will be used at selected meetings of related organizations of librarians, museums, historians, and record managers. They will be used at selected meetings of organizations of municipal, hospital, school, and business leaders. They will be used by archival institutions as part of there individual public awareness initiatives. They will be used by the Society at its meetings, symposiums, and conferences.

Please contact Karen Buckley at 403-220-2559 if you would be interested in booking either or both of these displays.