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archives society of alberta
March 1997    Volume 16 Number 4

The Archives Society of Alberta Newsletter is published quarterly by the Archives Society of Alberta. Submissions, questions and suggestions should be directed to the Editor c/o:

Archives Society of Alberta
PO Box 21080
Dominion Postal Outlet
Calgary, Alberta
T2P 4H5

Telephone: 228-0827
Fax: 244-5173

Submissions must be received by:

  • Nov 15 - December issue
  • Feb 15 - March issue
  • May 15 - June issue
  • Aug 15 - September issue

The views expressed in the Archives Society of Alberta Newsletter are not necessarily those of the Archives Society of Alberta, its Newsletter Committee, nor its Editor

The Archives Society of Alberta is supported in part by a grant from Alberta Lotteries.

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