Virtual Exhibits

In 1997, the Archives Society of Alberta launched its first virtual exhibit in honour of Archives Week. The “W" files contained Weird, Warped and Wacky offerings from archives throughout the province. Based on the enthusiastic feedback received about this exhibit, the ASA has launched a new virtual exhibit each year in October in conjunction with Archives Week. Subsequent offerings have included: Extreme Archives, Women Who Made a Difference, and What Makes us Canadian?

Creepy Alberta 2014

19 Archives Showcasing Creepy Alberta in Archives

Fashion in Archives 2013

23 Archives Showcasing Fashion in Archives

Archives and the Creative Process 2012

This year 18 institutions across the province really have their creative juices flowing! ​

Archives in Living Colour 2011

Think Alberta's archives are only black and white? Challenge your perceptions during Archives Week 2011 with a brilliant array of brilliant, vibrant, colourful photographs, drawings and other archival media drawn from 23 of Alberta's archival institutions.

Growing Up Albertan 2010

Relive childhoods past during Archives Week 2010 through this exhibit of images of childhood and growing up from 24 archival institutions across Alberta.

Athletes in Archives 2009

Welcome to Letters from the Trunk, an exciting opportunity to learn about the men and women who settled in the Canadian West in the first half of the twentieth century. This website includes instructional strategies and activity suggestions for secondary grades, but it does include one elementary and one French unit.  Flash Player 7 required.

Historic Hi-Tech 2008

Archival institutions of the present dust off images of futuristic innovation and technology from long ago in Historic Hi-Tech, the 2008 Archives Week virtual exhibit that features submissions from 20 archives around Alberta.

Archives Unleashed: Animals leaving their mark in Alberta history 2007

During Archives Week 2007, a virtual menagerie takes over when Alberta's archives unleash the family pets, working animals, untamed wildlife and exotic creatures from the past that normally lurk quietly in the stacks. Beware!

In Defence of Alberta 2006

Click here to see the Archives Society of Alberta's 2006 virtual exhibit, In Defence of Alberta, containing contributions from 14 archival institutions throughout the province.

What Makes Us Canadian 2005

In honour of Alberta’s one-hundredth birthday, the Archives Week 2005 exhibit explores the different roles Alberta plays in the national scene, including its participation in events such as Expo 67, Royal Visits, Canada Day celebrations, and Olympic competitions. This exhibit also includes lesson plans for the Grade 4 Alberta Social Studies curriculum. Flash Player 7 required.

Women Who Made A Difference 2004

The Archives Week 2004 exhibit honours pioneering Alberta women who made a difference in the fields of politics, arts, education, business, and many other fields.

If These Walls Could Talk 2003 

For Archives Week 2003, the exhibit looks at Alberta's architectural achievements both great and small, from Frank Lloyd Wright's Banff Pavilion to the Calgary Tower, from scenes of the first Legislature to houses real and imagined.

Feast for the Eyes 2002

Tuck into the Archives Week 2002 exhibit for a menu filled with images of tasty treats, delectable morsels, and other nourishing tidbits from Alberta’s culinary past that can be found in Alberta’s archival institutions.

Extreme Archives 2001

The 2001 Archives Week exhibit challenges the stereotypical quiet, calm reputation of archival institutions by presenting images of extreme weather, sports, tools, and even opinions!

Passion Preserved 2000

For those who thought that archival institutions are filled with boring documents, Archives Week 2000 illustrates the “passion preserved” within their walls. Explore agitation, love, obsession, grief, and other emotions expressed in the records preserved by archival institutions.

A Sense of Place 1999

During Archives Week 1999, discover how archival records give a variety of locations in Alberta their “sense of place.”

Dear Diary 1998

In honour of Archives Week 1998, Alberta's archives invite you to slip into the past and share a day in the life of several unique Albertans, including a soldier, a judge, a suffragette, and a monarchist among others.

The W Files 1997

Welcome to the "W" files - Weird, Warped, and Wacky offerings from Alberta's archival treasure houses brought together for the first time ever in honour of Archives Week 1997.