A Humble Place
Red Deer and District Archives

John Holsworth playing the mandolin outside the homestead shack of his friend, Dick Tennant, Benalto Alberta, 1906-07.
Red Deer and District Archives,
P345 (850).

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There is an old saying "Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home". It was an expression which had particular meaning in pioneer times. New homes for new settlers were often very small log shacks, much like this one, which was built by Dick Tennant near Benalto, Alberta.

During the infamous winter of 1906-07, the brutal weather meant that Tennant was confined to his tiny abode much of the time. Nevertheless, he still found room for John Holsworth, a friend who had come from Red Cloud Nebraska to live with him while checking out the prospects of the new land.

Perhaps, it was the mandolin which Holsworth owned which helped pass the hours and give the place a sense of home. Whatever the reason, both men remained enthusiastic about the district and decided to permanently settle in the area.

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