A Passion for Music
Paul D. Fleck Library and Archives
at the Banff Centre

Marek Jablonski leading a piano masterclass, 1990
Photo by Monte Greenshields/The Banff Centre.
Photo #MS.1990.23.02

Marek Jablonski was a gifted pianist from Edmonton who attended the Banff School of Fine Arts from 1954 to 1957. He became an acclaimed interpreter of Chopin. After touring as a performer, he turned to teaching and led master classes at the Banff Centre for the Arts every summer from 1975 to 1998. He attracted many talented young artists to study with him, including Jon Kimura Parker. Jablonski was born in Poland and emigrated to Canada with his family after the war. Edmonton remained his home base, although he performed and taught in many countries. He died in 1999, aged 59.