Online Resources

Archives Tutorial

If you've never been to an archival institution, or are curious about the work of archivists, take this online tour. Flash Player 7 required.

Seeing With New Eyes: A Journey Through Blackfoot Knowledge

Welcome to our newest online resource, Seeing With New Eyes. This is an online learning website for the social studies curriculum that explores the differences and similiarities in how western and aboriginal peoples learn about and understand their communities.

Letters from the Trunk

Welcome to Letters from the Trunk, an exciting opportunity to learn about the men and women who settled in the Canadian West in the first half of the twentieth century. This website includes instructional strategies and activity suggestions for secondary grades, but it does include one elementary and one French unit.  Flash Player 7 required.

What Makes Us Canadian 2005 Virtual Exhibit

In honour of Alberta’s one-hundredth birthday, the Archives Week 2005 exhibit explores the different roles that Alberta plays in the national scene, including its participation in events such as Expo 67, Royal Visits, Canada Day celebrations, and Olympic competitions. This exhibit also includes lesson plans for the Grade 4 Alberta Social Studies curriculum.  Flash Player 7 required.