The Calgary Police "Mummy" Case:
Missing since 1929, the body of Thomas C. Hall was finally discovered in 1948. In trying to determine why the floorboards in one bedroom were weak, then current home owner Alfred Pearce had climbed into his dugout cellar. Digging with a shovel revealed the head of the victim. On the little finger of the left hand was a celluloid ring inscribed "99". It helped confirm Hall's identity, since his son claimed it was a chicken ring which his father had used in his poultry business. The mummy was well preserved because the cottage's base had been earthed in so the ground beneath the body was very dry. Moreover, the body had been covered with ashes. Police believe they know who committed this murder, but could not lay charges due to the amount of time that had elapsed. The photograph reveals that the murderer sawed out a section of the floor joists to create the "grave". The feet had been barely six inches from the edge of the house!

Courtesy of the
Calgary Police Service Interpretive Centre and Archives

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