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The 2006 Institute will not be held as originally scheduled. The ASA may reschedule the Institute for fall 2006. Further details will be posted as they become available.

 "The Institute is an intensive, focused and demanding week . . . It is also one of the most rewarding learning programs I've experienced."

(Institute participant 2002) 

INSTRUCTORS: Michael Gourlie, Margery Hadley and guest lecturers

CLASS SIZE: 15 participants (maximum) / 10 participants (minimum)

COST: $650.00 (includes textbook)





Six-day intensive, immersion style educational experience, followed by a two-week take-home processing exercise.

Held annually in May

Location alternates between Edmonton and Calgary

What is the Archives Insitute?

The Archives Institute is an intensive, immersion-style experience, where the fundamentals of archival science are introduced and studied in order of their place in the archival process. Each component builds upon the last until the entire process of acquisition, appraisal, arrangement, description, preservation and access are covered and their intricate inter-relationships revealed.

What does the Archives Insitute offer you?

  • The Archives Institute is a comprehensive introduction to the fundamental elements that make up the work undertaken by members of the archival profession. The Archives Institute is not a complete education.
  • The Archives Institute delivers information archives workers need in order to assess both their institutional programs and their future training needs.
  • Through discussions, team work and social breaks, participants in the Archives Institute have many opportunities to consult with colleages and make new friends.
  • The Archives Institute provides the prerequisite knowledge for participation in special topics workshops and seminars offered regularly by the ASA.
  • Participants who successfully complete the Archives Institute, according to the ASA Education Policy, receive an Archives Institute certificate from the Archives Society of Alberta.

What does the Archives Insitute require of you?

  • Successful completion of the Archives Institute program requires a commitment of time and attention for six full days (Monday through Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 or 7:00 p.m. most days). For best results, students should plan to devote their full attention for this week.
  • Successful completion of the Archives Institute program also requires the completion of a take-home processing exercise within two weeks of the seminar.

Before registering for the Archives Institute, please note the following critical information:

  • Acceptance of your registration and receipt of a participation certificate upon completion is dependent upon your reading, accepting and adhering to the ASA Education Policy.
  • Your attendance at all sessions is mandatory, Monday through Saturday.
  • Late arrivals and early departures are not accepted.
  • Completion of the take-home exercise by the required date is also mandatory.

Some comments from past participants include:

"The Institute is an intensive, focused and demanding week . . . It is also one of the most rewarding learning programs I've experienced."

"Very good course- really enjoyed it. Came out with broad knowledge. Enjoyed the field trips- guest speakers."

"The Institute has been of enormous benefit. Our archives are quite new and we have grown by leaps and bounds since last May."

"The 6 day course gave an excellent basis for people who are starting up an archives, and at the same time provided a good review and/or update for people already in the archival field"

"Material was delivered with ease, humour, patience and above all, competence. As participants, we were enveloped in a learning environment where questions, comments and disagreement were encouraged."

"My congratulations to the Archives Society of Alberta for developing such an innovative learning opportunity!"


Michael Gourlie, the ASA's Archives Advisor, has worked with Alberta archives community since 1997. Michael has a broad knowledge of the Alberta scene and has extensive experience as a contract archivist in British Columbia.

Margery Hadley has more than twenty-five years of experience in archives operations, historical research and archives education. She is currently Project Archivist at the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies in Banff.

To add variety and expertise, a range of guest instructors are also involved in program delivery.

CLASS SIZE: 15 participants (maximum)

                               10 participants (minimum)

REGISTRATION FEE: $650 (includes textbook)

REGISTRATION BEGINS:  10  weeks before Institute start

REGISTRATION DEADLINE:  2 weeks before Institute start

MINIMUM REGISTRATION DEADLINE: two weeks before the registration deadline (one month before the Institute).

       **  The minimum number of paid participants must be met by this date
             or the Institute will be cancelled.



INFORMATION: For further information about the Institute, contact :

Michael Gourlie, ASA Archives Advisor (mgourlie@connect.ab.ca ) or at 780-488-2763

Carrie Herrick, ASA Administrative Coordinator (cherrick@shaw.ca) or at 780-483-9575

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Note: this is intended as an example only. The confirmed schedule will be available on the first day of the Institute.

Day 1
Archival profession

Day 2
Introduction to Arrangement and Description

Day 3
Rules for Archival Description (RAD)

Day 4
Arrangement and Description
Networks, Internet and New Technologies
Preservation Management Planning

Day 5
Physical processing
Preventive Conservation
Repository tour

Day 6
Reference and Access
Wrap-up / Evaluations

Day 7 to 20
Take-home sample fonds processing exercise

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