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Vaux family fonds

 Vaux family and friends., 1907

(Vaux family fonds - V653 / NA -813)

   Vaux family fonds. -- [between 1887 and 1913]. -- 2924 photographs.  -- 1 photograph album. -- ca.30 cm of textual records. -- The Vaux family of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania were photographers, mountaineers and scientists. Mary M. Vaux, 1860-1940, George Vaux Jr., 1863-1927, and William S. Vaux Jr., 1872-1908, were the children of George Vaux (VIII) of Philadelphia. They were all involved in photography and were were making photographs when the family first visited the Canadian mountain west in 1887, while on a summer trip along the Canadian Pacific Railway to Glacier House in the Selkirk Mountains of British Columbia.  The family made frequent visits to the Selkirk and Rocky Mountains over the next two decades to study the Illecillewaet and other glaciers, photograph, paint and climb. George's and Mary's photographic work centred on the mountain landscape, while William's concentrated upon the movement and physical features of glaciers. William Vaux died in 1908 and George did not return to the Canadian mountains after 1911; however, Mary Vaux Walcott returned to the region for over forty years. -- Fonds consists of three series:  I. Photography, 1893-1913;  II. Glacier study, [before 1906];  III. Other activities, [after 1887]. -- Related by provenance to the Vaux family collection of photographs held by the Library Company of Philadelphia and the Vaux collection of correspondence, documents and graphics held by Special Collections of Haverford College Library, Haverford, Pennsylvania

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I.  Photography

Photography series. -- 1893-1913. -- 2924 photograph (2632 negatives, 167 transparencies, 125 prints). -- 1 photograph album (50 prints). -- 14 cm of textual records. -- Series consists of twenty-four sub-series documenting annual trips from 1893 to 1913 (family did not travel in 1908): A. to S. Travel 1893 to Travel 1913; T. Travel general, 1894?-1912?; U. Prints, 1899-1907; V. Lantern slides, 1900-1909; W. Photograph album, before 1907; X. Textual records, 1893-1910.  Photographic negatives, arranged chronologically, are prominent in the series and include 962 glass negatives and 1660 film negatives. -- On-line images are available for most sub-series (click on sub-series pages below). -- Constitutes Series I of the Vaux family fonds.

Sub-series / item descriptions:

Travel 1893      Travel 1894      Travel 1895      Travel 1896      Travel 1897      Travel 1898

Travel 1899      Travel 1900      Travel 1901      Travel 1902      Travel 1903      Travel 1904

Travel 1905      Travel 1906      Travel 1907      Travel 1909      Travel 1910-1911    

Travel 1912      Travel 1913      Travel general

Prints / Lantern slides / Photograph album / Textual records   


II.  Glacier study

Glacier study series. -- [before 1906]. -- ca.20 cm of textual records. -- Series consists of two sub-series: A. Research papers (1. Notes, 2. Correspondence, 3. Maps and table, 4.Writings, 5. Later work); B. Glacier library : [publications]. -- Constitutes Series II of the Vaux family fonds.


III.  Other activities

Other activities series. -- [after 1887]. -- ca.10 cm of textual records. -- Series consists of four sub-series: A. William S. Vaux Jr. (1. Diaries, 2. Engineering and architecture, 3. Other);  B. George Vaux Jr. (1. Writing, 2. Other); C. Mary Vaux (1. Correspondence, 2. Writing and presentations);  D. Other.-- Constitutes Series III of the Vaux family fonds.

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