Photography series. -- 1893-1913. -- 2924 photograph (2632 negatives, 167 transparencies, 125 prints). -- 1 photograph album (50 prints). -- 14 cm of textual records. -- Series consists of twenty-four sub-series: A. to O. Travel 1893 to Travel 1907;  P. to S. Travel 1909 to Travel 1913;  T. Travel general, 1894?-1912?;  U. Prints, 1899-1907;  V. Lantern slides, 1900-1909;  W. Photograph album, before 1907;  X. Textual records, 1893-1910.  Photographic negatives, arranged chronologically, are prominent in the series and include 962 glass negatives and 1660 film negatives. -- Constitutes Series I of the Vaux family fonds.


[Locomotive at Glacier House]

(Vaux family fonds - V653/PS)


V653 / PA

Prints. -- 1897-1907. -- ca.125 photographs : prints. -- Prints are a selection of mountain landscape, railway and glacier views, pertaining mainly to the Canadian Rocky and Selkirk mountains.  Includes multi-print panoramas and 7 views from the Philadelphia area.   Most are platinum prints made from 6x8 inch negatives..  Some are marked with the Vaux monogram.

V653 / PS - 1 to 167 ***

Lantern slides. -- 1900-1909. -- 167 photographs : transparencies; b/w, hand-coloured. -- Lantern slides are duplicates of selected negatives pertaining to mountains, railways, glaciers, Alpine Club of Canada, pack train, alpine flora and Vaux family and friends views.  Also includes some travel views of the Canadian Rockies. -- Hand-tinting was done by Mary Vaux, as indicated on the mounts.  Group includes some transparencies by Mary Schaffer.

V653 / PD

Photograph album. -- [before 1907] -- 1 photograph album (50 prints) -- Album pertains to Canadian Pacific Railway, glaciers and landscapes. -- Prints removed from album.

M107 /

Textual records. -- 1893-1910. -- 14 cm of textual records. -- 6 print material items. -- Textual records consist of: a. Exposure records, 1897, 1904-1906, 9 v. (2 cm); b. Negative envelopes, 1893-1910, 12 cm; c. Publications, [ca.1900]-1901, 6 items.  Exposure records consist of notebooks by George Vaux, indicating date, holder number, plate number, exposure, time of day, stop, lens, light conditions and subject.  Negatives envelopes consist of a sample of enclosures indicating subject, date, number, exposure, stop, type of plate or film, filtration and sometimes photographer's name.  Publications consist of: set of five souvenir CPR dining car service menus with Vaux family photographs as cover illustrations; exhibition catalogue, Vaux family exhibition with the Photographic Society of Philadelphia. -- Further accruals are expected.

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