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Eddie Hunter fonds


Eddie Hunter, ca.1990

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(Eddie Hunter  fonds - V293/PA )

     Eddie Hunter fonds. -- [ca.1940]-1991. -- ca.260 motion pictures (ca.490 reels) : some with audio reels. -- 2 audio reels. -- 18 cm of textual records. -- 2 sound recordings. -- ca.105 photographs : prints, transparencies. -- Edward (Eddie) Clement Edgar Hunter, b.1926, is a skier, cinematographer, broadcaster, photographer and writer based at Banff, Alberta, Canada. Hunter came to live in Banff with his parents in 1934.  He skied extensively in the Canadian Rockies and elsewhere.  After working as a free-lance cameraman, in early live television, as an official photographer for the 1960 Winter Olympic Games, and operator of the photography concession on Banff's Sulphur Mountain, Hunter worked mainly as a free-lance motion picture cameraman and documentary film-maker for almost thirty years.  Head Hunter Films produced a number of short promotional films. -- Fonds consists of four series:  I. Motion pictures;  II. Textual records;  III. Photographs and sound recordings.

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I.  Motion pictures

Motion pictures series. -- [ca.1955-ca.1995]. -- ca.260 motion pictures (ca.490 reels) : some with audio reels. -- 2 audio reels. -- Series consists of Eddie Hunter motion picture footage in four sub-series: A. Red series, predominant 1955-1988, ca.190 motion pictures or segments. Consists of camera originals and finished original films. Mainly unedited footage of skiing, ski racing, celebrities, developments, heli-skiing, disabled skiing, freestyle skiing and humorous skiing in the Canadian Rockies, Bugaboos, Cariboos, Monashees and Coast Range, also the United States and Europe. Features many prominent local and international skiers; Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper and areas; promotional and documentary film footage. B. Blue series, predominant 1960-1985, ca.60 motion pictures and segments, 4 video recordings. Consists of work prints and projection copies. C. Other motion pictures, before 1995, 12 motion pictures, 1 video recording. Consists of motion pictures collected by Hunter. D. Audio reels, between 1970 and 1995, 2 items. -- Films are mainly 16mm b/w and col.; mainly silent; some sound-on-film and some double system sound; some 1" and VHS video tape, originals and transfers. -- Title based on contents of series. -- Constitutes series I of the Eddie Hunter fonds.

File descriptions : A. Red-series (originals)

File descriptions : B. Blue-series (work prints / release prints)

File descriptions : C. Other motion pictures;  D. Audio reels


II.  Textual records

Textual records series. -- [ca.1945]-1991. -- ca.30 cm. -- Series consists of film lists, scripts, call sheets, programmes, and other material; files re short films; and historical skiing materials. -- Title based on contents of series. -- Constitutes series II of the Eddie Hunter fonds.

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III.  Photographs and sound recordings

Photographs and sound recordings series. -- [ca.1965], 1968. -- ca.105 photographs : prints, transparencies. -- 2 sound recordings. -- Series consists of photographs pertaining to skiing, family, freelance photography, opening day ceremonies at the Banff Public Library / Archives of the Canadian Rockies; and sound recordings (Eddie Hunter nature talk for use on Sulphur Mountain; Edward VIII abdication speech for Canadian Wax Gallery, Banff). -- Title based on contents of series. -- Constitutes series III of the Eddie Hunter fonds.

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