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Bill Gibbons fonds


Bill Gibbons at Columbia Icefield

(Bill Gibbons  fonds - V227/3766)


     Bill Gibbons fonds. -- [ca.1945-ca.1990]. -- ca.15,600 photographs : negatives, prints, transparencies, albums, postcards. -- 2.5 cm of textual records. -- W. J. L. "Bill" Gibbons, 1914-1994 , was a professional photographer at Banff, Alberta from 1945 until 1959. In 1959, Gibbons sold his business to a group of Banff businessmen and moved to Vancouver. In subsequent years, he continued to be active as a photographer and in publishing. He made several photographic trips through the mountain parks, ca.1966-1972. -- Fonds consists of two series: I. Black and white series, ca.1945-ca.1958; II. Colour series, ca.1950-ca.1990 (predominantly ca.1966-1972).

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I.  Black and white

Black and white series. --  [ca.1945-ca.1958]. -- ca.5300 photographs : negatives. -- 2.5 cm of textual records. -- Series I is broad-ranging commercial negative collection of Bill Gibbons' black and white work, and consists of six sub-series:  A. Portraits and documentary views, 1945-1950, 2437 items; includes individual and group portraits, weddings, conferences, events, buildings, facilities and places; Banff and area;  B. Banff School of Fine Arts, ca.1949, 277 items; includes classes, group portraits, activities, buildings and facilities;  C. "S" Series, ca.1950, 1220 items; scenic views in the vicinity of Banff, Lake Louise, Banff-Jasper Highway, Jasper National Park, Radium and Columbia Valley, British Columbia and Pacific Coast; also includes some Indian material;  D. "T" Series, ca.1950, 482 items; scenic and commercial views, mainly Jasper, Banff-Jasper Highway and Lake Louise areas;  E. Rolliflex and panorama negatives, 1949-1958, 584 items; pertains mainly to Banff Winter Carnival, Banff School of Fine Arts, and Banff and area;  F. Other material, ca.1945-1951, 364 items; includes material similar to that in other series, some unidentified.  Negatives are accompanied by small number of prints and postcards; also, publication: "Photographing the Canadian Rockies" by Bill J. L. Gibbons, 1948.  Textual records are record book, 1945-1953, 62 p; and book layout. -- Title based on contents of  series. -- Received by donation, 1967-1990. -- Photographer's arrangement retained. Duplicate items removed during processing. Extent upon receipt was estimated at ca.12,000 negatives. -- Selected reference prints available. -- Constitutes Series I of the Bill Gibbons fonds.

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II.  Colour

Colour series. -- [ca.1950-ca.1990], predominantly ca1966-1972; -- ca.10300 photographs : negatives, prints, transparencies; mainly colour. -- 2 cm of textual records. -- Series consists mainly of the "Canadian Rockies" colour series of colour negatives and corresponding proof prints, some in albums, pertaining to Banff, Jasper and Yoho National Parks; also some transparencies and oversize display prints. Series consists of two sub-series:  A. CR; and, B. CR35. -- Title based on contents of series. -- Acquired by donation, 1995. -- Constitutes Series II of the Bill Gibbons fonds. -- Location : V227 / II.

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