Advertisement for canned/tinned Lomen Alaskan reindeer
Now, Sausage! Now, Sirloin! Now Venison and Brisket! On, Rump Roast! On Shank Roast! On Short Ribs! Can you risk it?

Advertisement for 'reindeer, a new delicacy', for States Restaurant/Market.
The U.S. government and the Lomen Reindeer Corporation of Alaska thought thought reindeer meat was a good risk.
In 1892 -- seventy years after poet Clement C. Moore named Santa's reindeer in "A Visit From St. Nicholas" -- Washington began importing a herd of Siberian reindeer to provide industry for Alaska's Inuit. Lomen became Alaska's leading producer of reindeer meat products.

Advertisement, showing picture of roast, for Reindeer products [ca 1920s]