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Archives Week 2001 October 1st - 6th   
Archivists and historians are very aware that attitudes and recreational activities under go major changes over time. What once was considered a great accomplishment and great bounty, today, might be considered rather wasteful and somewhat abhorrent.

Archivists, however, still take great pride in amassing great quantities of things, setting records with records, and getting everything in neat rows and order.

Visit an archives such as the Red Deer and District Archives and see what "extreme" amounts of information and images are available to you as a researcher. You are likely to be pleasantly surprised.
Red Deer Archives number pa-74-206-2

The results of a morning's duck hunting at Red Deer, Alberta.
180 birds shot. September 17, 1928.
(George Fleming photographer, Red Deer Archives number pa-74-206-2)

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