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Extreme Irritation

After articling with his brother's firm in Medicine Hat, Harry Blackwood Fraser moved to Smoky Lake, Alberta to set up his own firm and lived in a tent while awaiting his call to the Bar. A complaint soon arrived at the Law Society of Alberta from Harry A. White, a lawyer in Mundare stating that Fraser was practicing under the firm name of his brother but was not, himself, qualified to practice.

    "There is no doubt in my mind that this should not be, and it is in fairness to our profession only, as I have plenty of business myself and have no reason in the world to mention these matters other than fairness to our profession and protection to the public who trust us, that I call these matters to the mind and attention of the Secretary, yourself."

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LASA records. Law Society of Alberta fonds 5, volume 24, file 397

Fraser's response shows extreme irritation at the questioning of his credentials, especially
under the extreme conditions in which he was trying to establish his law practice "where
there are nearly as many moose as there will be clients". The disciplinary charges were
dropped. Harry Blackwood Fraser later became a Judge of the District of Northern
Alberta in 1944. He died October 29, 1964 in Edmonton.

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