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Extreme Courage

Park Warden Still Remains in Critical State... Jasper, June 25, 1937

Although he is reported to have passed a fair night, Ed McDonald, Jasper park Warden, who suffered severe injuries when trampled by his pack horses after they had been stampeded by grizzly bears, is still in critical condition and doctors have forbidden all visitors.

Injured warden being carried out of the wilderness.

McDonald, who only a week before had been held prisoner in his cabin by two grizzlies which charged him after he had shot at them when they were dragging down a moose in the park, lay in agony, terribly wounded, for six days before aid reached him. The accident occurred on Wednesday June 16, and for three days McDonald lay more or less unconscious. Then rallying he managed to crawl to water and partially revived he made for his cabin 200 yards away. It took him another three days of tortuous crawling and agony to cover the distance and then several hours of labour before he could erect a ladder of boxes by which he could drag himself up to the telephone in the cabin.

Once at the telephone he managed to get a call through for assistance and rescue parties set out on the trail. The injured man was brought in over 40 miles of rough trail slung in canvas between two pack hourses and suffering severely from the only mode of transport available.

We at the Jasper-Yellowhead Museum and Archives think that Ed McDonald was a man with EXTREME courage.

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