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Extreme Weather, Extreme Conditions, Extreme Determination

In the early days of settling the Edson - Grande Prairie area, settlers endured the freezing cold of winter, mud and over-flowing rivers in the spring, the voracious attacks of biting insects and muskeg in summer and autumn as they travelled over-land on the Edson-Grande Prairie trail by wagon train, ox-cart, horse-back and even, as this intrepid soul is, on foot. With tales of axle-deep mud and overturned carts, the journey taking months depending upon conditions, loss of precious belongings (in one instance a piano was left when the wagon transporting it overturned) by the side of the trail, reluctantly left behind as the going became more difficult, it might have seemed to this man that he had chosen the better way.....

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Bound for Grande Prairie on the Edson Trail, pulling equipment on sleigh.

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