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Extreme Sports, Edmonton Exhibition-style

The Edmonton Exhibition has had its fair share of extreme sports demonstrations over the years, such as this fine example of "bicycle jumping". This daredevil, known as Professor Fourcher, raced his bicycle down a steep ramp and flew into a pool. This stunt was the ca. 1910 precursor to today's extreme sports.

Bicycle jumper.
City of Edmonton Archives, EB-1-25

Bicycle jumper.
City of Edmonton Archives, EB-1-32

Before the "Drop of DOOM" Edmonton had the Steeplechase -- taken to extreme new heights! As described in the Edmonton Bulletin  on Tuesday, July 17, 1934, this action shot is of "Little Jackie Booth, a plucky kiddie, who dives with her pony from a 40-foot platform ker-plunk into a tank of water below."
Pony diver, City of Edmonton Archives
Pony diver, City of Edmonton Archives,
Huber A. Hollingworth Collection, EA-160-764

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