Diary of Annie Ada York Secord, wife of pioneer Edmonton businessman and teacher, Richard Secord, December 1916
The City of Edmonton Archives

Annie Secord was born December 9, 1866 in Meaford, Ontario. She came west in 1888 to teach school. In 1889 she taught in the Namao area and at Poplar Lake School. She wed Richard Secord at 5:00 AM on August 4, 1891 before setting out at 6:30 AM for a honeymoon in Banff.

Annie's diaries reflect a woman much interested in the affairs of the world and her community. She was an avid churchgoer, hostess, gardener, and homemaker. She was very involved in the cultural atmosphere of early Edmonton, actively attending readings, plays, speeches and participating in the women's groups of the time. She contributed to the war effort by sewing and knitting, and kept abreast of and voiced her opinions on the politics and social issues of the time in her diaries.

This collection of diaries is very significant in that it expresses the voice of women in early Edmonton, a voice that is often lost to history.

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