Excerpts from diary of Vera (Collins) Webb of Edmonton regarding the 1939 Royal Visit, May 17 and May 26, 1939
Provincial Archives of Alberta

Vera (Collins) Webb wrote her diary about the Royal Visit in 1939 when she was 21 years old, and expresses the excitement of a young woman at the time of this event. She is a writer and artist and illustrated the diary with her own watercolour paintings. She presently lives in a nursing home in Edmonton and celebrated her 89th birthday on October 1, 1998.

Mrs. Webb worked as a clerk for the Northern Alberta Railway, and did volunteer work with the Robertson Wesley United Church during and after the Second World War. Her short stories and poems were published in several periodicals, including the Edmonton Journal and "Images in Time" (the fourth annual anthology of Canadian verse, published 1997). Blindness has prevented her from continuing with her painting. Her hope is that "...my art leaves beauty for those with sight".

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