Formed in 1993 by the merger of the Alberta Archives Council and Alberta Society of Archivists, the Archives Society of Alberta supports archives and archivists in Alberta.


Leadership: We work in service to our members, supporting and being responsive to their needs and building a strong archival community.

Compassion: We meet members where they are and consider their needs in our actions.

Growth: We are forward thinking, adaptable, and optimistic in our relationships with the individuals and the organizations that we serve.

Community: We develop, foster, and champion our community of archivists and archives.

Accountability: We are answerable to the provincial archival community and members are responsible for working in best practice.


Alberta archives are championed in their communities.


We build resilient archival professionals and organizations that meet the needs of their communities.


Capacity: Archivists have the tools to successfully address their challenges.

Advocacy: The value of archives is promoted and cultivated.

Reconciliation: Relationships with Indigenous archives and communities are nurtured and supported.

Communication: Members benefit from services through effective communication.

To support these goals, the ASA provides the following services:

• Advisory Services Program
• Online databases for archival records in Alberta
• Online directory of member archival institutions in Alberta
• Special Workshops and Archives Institute
• Grants to assist professional development
• Grants to preserve archival records and make them available
• Quarterly newsletter 

Archives Week 


As of March 2019, the ASA has 191 members.