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Abraham Aaron was a well-known fur trader and dealer in Edmonton. Abe was born in Lukovic, Lithuania and was brought up in a large home on a farm where he had the opportunity to ride horses, shoot and hunt. He initially left home in his early teens for South Africa, but eventually wound up on a homestead in Estevan, Saskatchewan.

When Abe first came to Edmonton in 1910, he worked with Fred Ramelson and soon became a very proficient fur sorter. He was often called as a crown witness in various courts in Western Canada as he could recognize the furs by date, location of trapping and in what season they were caught, etc. He traveled throughout the West and in the northern areas buying furs from the Natives and trappers as well as from merchants, dealers and auctioneers who often took furs in trade. His brother Charlie Aaron occasionally bought furs for him in northern Saskatchewan. He sold his furs to tanners and furriers in Canada and the United States and to large auction houses. He often traveled to the Canadian Auction sales where he bought and sold furs and supplied the Banff Trading Post with Native artifacts as well as moccasins, jackets, gloves, etc. to sell to tourists.

In Edmonton there were a number of fur dealers including the Slutker brothers, Max Shubin, Bob Alish, Halford Fur and Hide, etc. They bought furs together and from each other. Abe helped Fred Swartz and Billy Levine to open the successful Edmonton Fur Auction Sales. He served a term as president of the Edmonton Raw Fur Dealers Association.

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Abe Aaron trading with the Natives circa 1920.

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