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"Known as the City Mine, the Lethbridge City Mine, No. 10 Mine, or, rarely, as City No. 1 Mine, this drift was located in the east bank of the river valley in Lsd 12, Sec 31, and NE Sec 36, Twp 8, Rge 22, north of the present day waterworks. The mine was also known as No. 10 because it was only a few hundred metres south of the former entrance to No. 9 drift mine, opened by the Galt company in 1891. Total production was 345 378 tonnes of coal, most of which was used in the city power plant to generate locally-used electricity. The seam, located at a depth of from 61 to 91 m, consisted of a gravel roof, 56 cm of coal, a clay parting, and 1.23 m of coal. The only owner-operator was the City of Lethbridge." (Source: Johnston, Alex et al. Lethbridge: Its Coal Industry. Occasional Paper No. 20. Lethbridge Historical Society, 1989) The City Mine operated from June 1909 to October 1941, when it was abandoned.

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Horse Drawn Coal Cars Outside the City Mine

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