John E. Brownlee

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Premiers in Defence of Alberta's Natural Resources

Alberta has had 12 Premiers since its inception in 1905. Of those, four or 1/3 have been lawyers: Alexander Rutherford, 1905-1910, Arthur L. Sifton, 1910-1917, John E. Brownlee, 1925-1934, and Peter Lougheed, 1971-1985. The final two on this list are recognized for securing and protecting Alberta's rights to its natural resources.

John E. Brownlee
On December 14, 1929 Premier John E. Brownlee while in Ottawa meeting with the other Canadian Premiers and Prime Minister King signed the agreement that finally brought control to Alberta over its Crown lands and resources. This historic step laid the groundwork for all the future prosperity and strength of Alberta. This achievement should have guaranteed him a prominent place in the memory of Albertans forever. He has been largely forgotten, except for his role in the so-called 'Brownlee Scandal'

John E. Brownlee (LASA accession number 2005-023)

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