A. M. Harradence, Q.C.

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"when it looks like the law's got you, and you're going away for a long time, these are the gentlemen you call on to help you make the street" - Canadian Magazine, July 19, 1975

In 1975 two outstanding Alberta attorneys, Asa Milton Harradence, Q.C. and John Wesley McClung, Q.C. were included on the top ten list for criminal defense attorneys in Canada. These two men personified the ideal defence counsel. They were fearless in defence of their clients and that courage was combined with unusual drive, perception and intelligence. Soon after receiving this distinction, both McClung and Harradence were appointed as Alberta Justices and later served side-by-side on Alberta's Court of Appeal.

A. M. Harradence, Q.C.
Quote from Milt Harradence: "Criminal law is not something you can dabble in. It is the most demanding of all aspects of the law and once you decide to enter the ranks of the defence bar, you are committed to the highest calling of the profession. You owe a duty to the Court, to the client, to the profession and to the public to spare no effort or shrink from any duty, no matter how distasteful, in carrying out your obligations in the defence of a person charged with a criminal offence." (LASA accession number 2005-020)

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