Air Raid Precautions Committee

City of Calgary, Corporate Records, Archives

The City of Calgary, as a municipal government, has always taken on responsibilities associated with the defence of its citizens. While initial precautions focussed on martial defence, over time they evolved to include emergency and disaster planning. During the years 1942 to 1975, The City was concerned with defence issues, which they addressed through the Air Raid Precautions Committee, the Civil Defence Control Committee, the Civil Defence Target Area Committee, and the Department of Civil Defence.

The Air Raid Precautions Committee

The Air Raid Precautions Committee was created to supervise, administer and control air raid precaution activities in Calgary. Although By-Law No. 3460 established the committee on 1943 May 25, its members had been active since 1942. By-Law No. 3460 stipulated the powers of the committee, the responsibilities of Calgarians, and made the pamphlet Air Raid Instruction No. 1 a part of the bylaw. This pamphlet provided official instructions to be followed during air raids as well as information on refuge rooms, safety, blackouts and magnesium bombs. While the instructions on front page of the pamphlet are clear and comprehensive, they certainly did not favour cats. (See section C.7)

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